Poem: The Seasons Of You

Paper White
2 min readSep 26, 2023



The seasons on you change so fast
It confuses me
One moment you are a gentle spring breeze
Overnight you are a severe snowstorm

All I want is to soak in an ecstasy of love as if drenched in a rain shower, to be melted by the deep emotions of intense affection, and mesmerized by the beauty of the beloved; an experience guaranteed to delight both mind and soul.

While you want to drown in the cold beams of constant battle;
repel the seraphic incandescent which can dispel more darkness than a thousand nights' curses, building walls as you are terrified to boldly do what your heart desires.

I offer you a warm embrace, but you're cold.
Adding layers of complexity and intrigue to your demeanor around me.

Isn't it tiring to feel everything but express absolutely nothing?
Life is not just from your point of view
Don't you want to see it from this side?

You'll find the one thing you cherish all your life
The kind that can make you bloom in any season
And when you know how precious it is
Your soul becomes tranquil, at peace.

Desecrating something so pure into inner agony,
My dear, we will continue to miss the beautiful things.

Although at a moderate tempo, if you learn to listen to your inner voice, the answer is definitely one.

Thank you for reading!

-Paper White-



Paper White

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