Poem: The Lethargy of Tenderness

Paper White
1 min readNov 10, 2022



I am installed in a harrowing sphere, perhaps cursed; the wilderness blatantly prosecutes whoever’s line of thinking is disharmonious with the mighty like demonic possession

Towering in parallel aiming at the prey exposed like fine wine in coruscant glass at the glorious jubilee, a premonition of evil woven into those unpleasant glittering irises

Growing desire to barricade the merciless orbs, censoring absolute hellish cadences despite the blooming horror causes synapses jittery to follow through,

‘Let’s refrain from such attitude’ — a never-ending palinoia

The fantasy of reclining in a place with a serene ambiance of Monet’s painting or taking a leisurely walk in a meadow with Cornflowers and Poplars appears almost transparent

Think what a tragedy it would be!

Freedom is paramount; would you like to breathe in a tainted realm?

Although at a moderate pace, serendipity sprinkles pixie dust on a sleepless heart longing for innocent nights, conferring Latibule under the shadow of noble hope; great panacea

The moment one shows determination, some turn around; usually, they are the ones who shouldn’t be there in the first place anyway

Thank you for reading!

-Paper White-



Paper White

Sometimes it’s much easier to translate thoughts into writing than to speak