Poem: Nader

Paper White
1 min readSep 8, 2023



During a prolonged longing
for the connection of a true heart
on a starless night
where the inner light is the only one radiance
I found ephebic love in someone
whose smile captured the heart
and makes me forget the bitterness of patience

There is a gentleness that comes from the soul
It does not fade, nor can it be forged

No, it is not just about someone
who calms the loneliness or heals the wound
who makes my heart beat erratically
despite having no control over it

You will find that he is not like the others
just when I thought he could not get higher,
he proved me wrong

The one who does not obey society’s paradigm
Authenticity is a rare commodity in today’s society
the more I look, the more I learn
it resonates with my entire being

Indeed, your tender-hearted nature is unparalleled
You take all the beauty in the world for yourself

Those eyes, a magical space which consume all the tension
clean and purify my dull mind
Indeed, one of the countless blessings
that God has given in life

Thank you for reading!

-Paper White-



Paper White

Sometimes it’s much easier to translate thoughts into writing than to speak