Poem: Firefly

Paper White
2 min readOct 28, 2022

As the Sunlight fails to dance frenetically in the depths beyond

Compassion is in the ascendant to cure the lies of life

Stretch one’s day in reaching serenity

The Moon wholly illuminated at a particular time

Love on the horizon can be born at any moment

Invade whatever insidious notion inside


They do not possess the capability to comprehend one, instead of presenting respect, delusions of grandeur encourage their prejudices to take precedence

Prone to declaring war on somebody who holds opposing views in a fraction of a second

Expletives blossom out as expressive patterns devoted deeply like fine art

It paints blank about one and mountain about the other

Draw a veil over the waves that own a great sense of irony


A desperate scream shattered inflicting inescapable mourn

Prayers nest beneath each beat of the heart

Waiting for a miracle to hold a candle to the vacant haze of awareness

We need to move beyond the mind, to fathom the unfathomable

Rain does not prologue to calamity; it breathes life for Oak and Lily

‘All beings are equal’ they said


One will be here at Firefly Field

Exquisite paintings accompanied by dulcet harmonies sauntering designing Epiphany

Awaken the magic within that is ready to be activated

When the soul in its pristine state slowly emits the most sublime light, willing to embrace the fate the Cosmos bestows to life

Whoever is caressed by the Divine will shine, my dear, it is the only constant

Thank you for reading!

-Paper White-



Paper White

Sometimes it’s much easier to translate thoughts into writing than to speak