Poem: A Boat with Holes

Paper White
2 min readSep 30, 2022

Rowing a boat full of holes

It is dangerous nevertheless we keep singing with our whole body

As if the horizon will collapse sooner or later

The strings of the tide whispering words of wisdom like a magic spell

Endure again… holding on again…

Turn the mind into a hollow cavern that no light can pass through

Ensnared in the intriguing lure of green lands waving before our eyes

Something maleficent varnishing its facade

Spreading unrealistic beliefs that can shatter like a fine glass

Perhaps a result of the anomalous refraction of the eye trying to reflect something that lives in the soul instead

‘Wonderful’ we say vigorously in agreement

As if it’s sacred, as if it’s a gift from the beyond

Conscious seemingly lost in the pits of the unknown

Picking up a wooden spoon, you row again

I play the Cello, it is solace

As time pass our bodies find their place in the embrace of the blue

However, we already know

The entirety of what that matters will be swallowed by the deep

You want to cry, although you can’t

Don’t worry, my love

Please wait a little longer, please stay

Take this straw and hold on

We will reach the mainland in the course of time

Where the sound of nature will comfort our distress and sorrow

Erasing the memory of us who have caused havoc despite having pleasure in doing so, of us who have dug our graves from the word go

Thank you for reading!

-Paper White-



Paper White

Sometimes it’s much easier to translate thoughts into writing than to speak